A few updates


Hi there. This morning, I threw out my lower back (something that I’ve been susceptible to, on and off, since my early 20s–it’s always something completely innocuous that does it, such as sitting in a chair or (like this morning) untying my shoelaces). I’m comfortable enough, for the moment, sitting very upright in this computer desk chair; before the muscle relaxants begin their blessed work, I thought I’d say a few things since I’m sort of stuck here anyway.

Not that I don’t want to post, I’ve just been very busy. This past week, I took on some dog-walking for a friend and I must say, there aren’t many things either more hilarious or more tragic, than a super-fat Corgi trying to run alongside a super-fit Husky cross.

The updates:

First! I am now person 921 in line for Patrick deWitt’s The Sisters Brothers; moving 500 spaces in about a month is impressive, and I imagine I’ll have my hands on this puppy by August.

Second! I’ve read the first of what has turned out to be numerous “Mrs. Lirriper” stories in my quest to discover whether or not Dickens was as aware of Trollope as Trollope was of him. There’s a postman mentioned in the tale I read last night but that seems rather too vague to actually be a reference. It was a very enjoyable story though, in spite of (even, perhaps, because of?) the writing’s rather loose relationship to grammar.

Third! I planted some kale seeds 9 days ago and the little beasties are already almost 2 inches tall!!! There will be an abundance of deliciousness this spring and summer.

Four! Since I’m using the exclamation points anyway, there are two eagles living on the building across from mine. So. Damned. Cool.

That is all. Now I go collapse.

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