Posted in December 2012

We will together take our last farewell of Barset

This is a sad day for me, my friends. I have finished the sixth and final installment of Anthony Trollope’s Chronicles of Barsetshire and there is a hole in my heart. I’m generally very bad at keeping my own reading promises to myself; yet, somehow, it’s become increasingly possible–doable and pleasurably so, even–since I began … Continue reading

Peanut butter toast

The first meal I ever made myself was peanut butter toast. Likely, it was some shitty white bread, and likely it was that sugary slop that contains peanuts and is called, by some, peanut butter but isn’t actually peanut butter. Also, there was lots of butter beneath the “peanut butter.” An inauspicious beginning to my … Continue reading

Clowns falling from the sky

A few months ago, I finished reading Wang Xiaobo’s cult favourite, Wang in Love and Bondage. This slim volume comprises three novellas, all of which were translated by Jason Somer and Zhang Hongling. The first tale, “2015”, is a brilliant pastiche of hilarity, satire, and the dreamily picaresque. I’ve never read anything like it; I … Continue reading


“Productive” will not be the word of the day on this lovely first Monday in December, my friends. No. I am laid low by my first winter illness in almost two years; I have been so obnoxiously healthy in the face of everyone else’s flus and colds and pukes for so long, I was beginning … Continue reading