Posted in October 2012

Brand new day

This morning, I ran my first ever race–5km as part of the Scotiabank Waterfront Marathon series. I was so nervous, I barely slept last night. I didn’t know what to expect and I worried a lot about not leaving the house in time and missing it altogether, or not arriving early enough to take a … Continue reading

The comforts of Fall

Most of my friends feel most like themselves in deepest, steamiest summertime. Fellow Torontonian Drake comes alive in the nighttime–as does my giant bunny, Sophie, who was busted in the middle of the night last night, jumping up and down in pure joy on the sofa, in the dark. I, however, feel most entirely present … Continue reading

Teenaged white boy saves the world! Yes, again.

Everyone loves Cory Doctorow’s YA novel of teenage rebellion, Little Brother. And it makes sense that they do because the book is topical: it’s about surveillance, and technology, and what internet freedom means in post-911 America. It’s full of characters who are simultaneously cool and nerdy, so it has broad social appeal. It features minorities … Continue reading