Posted in May 2012

The hellish hot heat

It is 7 am as I begin this post. I’ve been awake since before 5 am (MRI on my messed up knee–one of the much sought after middle of the night appointments. I only waited 2 months for it! Have you ever had an MRI? It’s rather like being in a mysterious torture device in … Continue reading

Coma nap

I think I’ve finally done it–I’ve figured out the so-called power nap. You know, the one that lasts 20 minutes and leaves you feeling ever so refreshed. The one that doesn’t even require an alarm clock, it’s so right and so natural. Lately, I’ve been relying more on the power nap and less on the … Continue reading

A few updates

Hi there. This morning, I threw out my lower back (something that I’ve been susceptible to, on and off, since my early 20s–it’s always something completely innocuous that does it, such as sitting in a chair or (like this morning) untying my shoelaces). I’m comfortable enough, for the moment, sitting very upright in this computer … Continue reading

The cocoa powder has met its match

Last week, I posted about Operation Empty the Cupboards, mentioning some pantry items I was long on in sheer volume and short on good ideas about. Andrew gave me an excellent idea for dealing with both the nori and the quinoa, while I successfully used up some peas in a green split pea sunflower pie … Continue reading