Posted in March 2013

Youth, beauty, and cereal for dinner

It’s almost April, and I have read only ten books this year. If you find me wandering around looking distressed and slightly disheveled, it’s because I’m wondering how this could have happened. I’m on track to read 40 books this year, if I’m lucky, when once I used to boast of 100 or more! I … Continue reading

Anthony Trollope mails it in

Anthony Trollope is known for many things: he (appropriately) invented those handy red postal boxes, so we could all mail it in when necessary; he wrote almost 50 novels in his lifetime; he worked full-time for the British post office while writing all those books; he penned an autobiography that consigned him to the hell … Continue reading

Writing in books: an incomplete manifesto

I posted recently about missing having constant access to university libraries. I miss it so much, I still miss it, even though I am making the absolute most of the temporary access I currently have. I have been spending a great deal of time in the dusty, silent, lightless joy that is Robarts. (If its … Continue reading