Posted in August 2012

Two Penguins enter, one Penguin leaves

I mentioned in my previous post that I recently read and greatly enjoyed Elizabeth Gaskell’s Wives and Daughters, unfinished though it may be. Part of my enjoyment of it–indeed, of my pleasure in all the Victorian door-stoppers I’ve made my way through in the past 18 months–was reading every single footnote provided by the hardworking … Continue reading

Approaching normal

What have I been doing? Moving, renovating, cycling, being sick (hubby and I were laid low with food poisoning this week and I’m still not really okay), and reading. What have I been reading? I couldn’t recall when I typed that compellingly original rhetorical question; I actually had to check the Goodreads to see what … Continue reading

Briefly surfacing

We have moved! I can’t recall what I’ve read in the meantime, except that it was all excellent (I think); I will consult Goodreads and return with a report. I am reading an excellent novel now–Elizabeth Gaskell’s Wives and Daughters–which possesses one of my favourite first lines so far encountered: “To begin with the old … Continue reading