Posted in April 2012

Operation Empty the Cupboards

Oh hi. I’ve been busy the past week wrapping up my classes; actually, I’m not quite done. Tomorrow night will comprise my last three hours of “Edible Gardening in the City”. I should be working on my final presentation right now, but I thought I’d quickly provide a state of the nation blog post. (Also, … Continue reading

Kale: a love story

I used to embody one kind of cliché: a kid, later a young adult, who didn’t like vegetables. In retrospect, this is perhaps not surprising given that the majority of my veg came from a can and/or was boiled into the world after the next world. No flavour, no substance; only pain, fear, and disgust. … Continue reading

The end of stew season

Spring in southeastern Ontario is a perfect and beautiful thing. Warm, cyclable, sit out and readable days come early and everything gets so green so quickly that it’s easy to forget that it will soon be too hot to safely go outside, except at around 6 am. Haven’t been to Toronto during the summer? The … Continue reading

Note the date

April 2, 2012. Today, I put Patrick deWitt’s The Sisters Brothers on hold at the library. There are 279 circulating copies and 1408 holds. How long will it take for this book to come to me? Let’s start the illegal, off-track betting now. Options: 1) April 2, 2013. 2) By the time The Sisters Brothers … Continue reading