Posted in July 2013

The oeuvre is not enough

I recently read Julia Lovell’s excellent translation of Lu Xun’s complete fiction, The Real Story of Ah-Q and Other Tales of China. As with all short story collections, it took me far too long to finish this volume and as a consequence, this isn’t going to be a very complete discussion of it. Also, I … Continue reading

The definition of summer-time

Formal definition:The season of summer; the time that summer lasts. (Courtesy of the Oxford English Dictionary) Ideal definition: 1. A time to sit back and unwind; a natural aphrodisiac; an air of love and of happiness. 2. A period of the year during which the following are likely to occur: drivers putting the car on … Continue reading

Storm cellar curry

On Monday night, Toronto had its ass properly kicked by a gang of vicious, snarly weather gods. At about 4:30-5pm I looked up from whatever it was I was doing (it was so compelling that I have no idea, 48 hours later, what it was) because it had incredibly quickly become as dark as midnight … Continue reading

Love letter to the Toronto Public Library: Sanderson

The Toronto Public Library is a beautiful thing; not a perfect thing, maybe, but a beautiful thing. Howsoever it may be imperfect is not my concern here; I’m interested only in singing its praises, exploring its myriad faces in terms of architecture, collection development, community, etc. I have assigned myself a Project, which it will … Continue reading