Posted in March 2012

Tea and toast

In his “I’m going to pretend to be homeless and then write the last word on homelessness” book (Down and Out in Paris and London), George Orwell discusses the charitable insult of being obliged to choke back a lecture on religion to get churches’ free “tea-and-two-slices”. I read this book in 1998, I think; it … Continue reading

Overnight steel cut oats

Good morning/afternoon, friends! As promised, a recipe. A recipe of perfect breakfasty proportion and satisfaction: overnight steel cut oats with almond butter and maple syrup. My husband and I enjoy this one at least a few times a week; it really powers our cycling and reading marathons (performed entirely distinctly from one another, of course.) … Continue reading

Say hello

Friends, welcome to Jam and Idleness! I’ve just now put my first blog, Bookphilia, to bed and am really pleased to be officially launching this new venture. Check out the about tab for a little breakdown on what inspired this change. Over at Bookphilia, you can see what my favourite books of the last year … Continue reading