Posted in June 2012


Kind of a tough day over here. Hubby and I spent the day racing to finish getting everything prepared for the drywallers to come into the house tomorrow and begin working their clean-lined magic. He’s been working much more than I have; nonetheless, he seems as though he could continue, tortoise-like, to plod on until … Continue reading

Drywall dust in my hair, sugar in my belly

Friends, the demolition of our house (prior to the reconstruction of it by a crew of talented contractors) is nearing completion. To which I say, thank feck. I look forward to the civilized and relatively clean project of painting the walls, when the walls which require painting have finally been constructed. The demo hasn’t been … Continue reading

A much overdue post on The Yacoubian Building

I recently read Alaa Al Aswany’s The Yacoubian Building for this month’s group read over at Slaves of Golconda; indeed, I finished it weeks ago, but have been too busy with my house renovations to write a post; today, for example, I spent several hours scraping 18 layers of wallpaper off brick. Well, that’s what … Continue reading