Posted in January 2013

Her axiomatic and seraphic super-humanity

As I mentioned in a previous post, I’ve found Marcel Proust’s Swann’s Way to be an extremely delightful but much too filling dish; I cleansed my palate with the fun and silly, if very slightly disappointing, Kraken, and then dove back in. I finished Swann’s Way last night after a couple of days of sweaty-browed … Continue reading

Surviving Farch

Friends, it’s almost here–the longest, cruellest month of the year: Farch. (Sorry, Eliot, it’s not April. April is when we remember that we once didn’t loathe existence as either a theory or a practice.) Farch: known more popularly as the nigh endless period of time spanning February 1st to March 31st. You know what I’m … Continue reading


I hear today is something called Blue Monday; before today, I was familiar with this phrase only as the title of a lesser example of the music of a great dancey 80s band. Apparently, we should all be sad and restless today, wondering how “ennui” is spelled and where we can use it in polite … Continue reading

The year I fell out of love with winter

In my last post, I mentioned being constitutionally incapable of going outside on New Year’s Day when I still lived down east–i.e., 1975-1999. But after I left the east coast, where the damp cold had this malicious way of seeping into your bones and never leaving, I went to South Korea. Winter in Seoul, anyway, … Continue reading