Brain/Food is an occasional interview I curate here at Jam and Idleness. It’s sort of like Vanity Fair’s Proust whatsit, but better because it involves the discussion of tasty vittles.


Stefanie Hollmichel: Stefanie’s American garden


Ying Lee: never mind the question, the answer is probably dark chocolate

Tasha Brandstatter: a 21st-century Tasha Tudor


Andrew Cornell: I suddenly really want tangerines

Fathima Cader: samosas and books, equitably distributed

Jason Steadman: the geek flag flies high and proud here

Sarah Sweet: an entirely sugar-free post

Amateur Reader: he must have heroic eyebrows

Rohan Maitzen: hot tea and wild free-born cranberries

Terry Woo: no Wilson volleyballs required

Sheetal Lodhia: “Anything by Ayn Rand” is the correct answer

David Alexander: now with more cupcakes and jokes, fewer footnotes!

Brook Nymark: relying on monkeys in emergency situations

Fred Sweet: I really ought to be reading Jonas Jonasson right now

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