There’s history in these walls…a sometimes creepy, sometimes sweetly nostalgic history based firmly in the 1980s


Our demolition of the walls of our house continues on apace. Pretty much everything is stripped down to the studs and most of the waste (i.e., large pieces of wall and ceiling) have been sent to the big landfill in the…ground. Gawd, I’ve really been struck anew during this process about how horrifyingly wasteful and environmentally unfriendly houses/construction practices are here.

We’ve also made some exciting new discoveries in the walls and ceilings since I last posted. The new collection includes: one 1986 RCMP-issue anti-drug pro-hockey poster; one Frederick’s of Hollywood catalog full of bondage gear, big hair, tall shoes…and a new take on what it means to be a sex kitten; and one of those revolving camera flashes on camera that used to be held perpendicular to the ground (you know what I mean). Enjoy!

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