I’m well behind on my book reviewing…here’s a little bit of why


I am really terribly behind on my book reviews here–Whose Body?, The Documents in the Case, The Yacoubian Building, and Anathem have all been read and all require and deserve some attention from me…but they’ll have to remain neglected just a little bit longer.

You see, my husband and I are engaged in some messy and exhausting nest-building. Today, we reclaimed possession of the house we bought when we got married (rented out while we were running/living above the bookstore) and began tearing shit up in earnest.

There will be new walls, new wires, new windows, and new paint colours. I spent the day confidently wielding a hammer and crowbar and tearing up baseboards and tearing down lathes. Here’s some evidence of how things at the nest currently stand, including the day’s weird behind-the-livingroom-wall find–a baby’s soother. (When we re-did the bathroom about five years ago, behind one wall was another wall…with a toilet paper holder complete with roll still attached.)

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