The year of the novella

The year of the novella

Or short novel. Or novelette. Or novel for people with short attention spans, limited time, weak arms, extremely unbendable necks, etc. I once looked up the difference between novel, novella, novelette–the latter two seem like the same thing to me, and then both are still novels anyway. In any case, 2014 is clearly Jam and … Continue reading


Dammit, friends–working full-time at a place where there are no cats and you can’t just stay in your pajamas is hard. I like the work and my coworkers are great and there are windows. But: So. Damned. Hard. I shouldn’t even be writing this; I should be getting ready for work tomorrow, but I’ve come … Continue reading

What price would you pay to be able to read more?

Time for a silly thought experiment, friends! My husband and I recently had a highly theoretical–but no less intense and emotional because of it–discussion of what we would be willing to give up to be able to read more. He was willing, fully willing, to give up certain non-essential body parts such as a finger … Continue reading

*Shakes fist at sky*

It is a truth universally acknowledged (in my life), that when something good, great, definitive, and/or epochal is about to happen, or is in the process of happening (in my life), I will throw off all my many layers of robust good health and become desperately ill. On Monday, I am meant to begin a … Continue reading